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Diversity in Tech

Women in Open Source(WiOS) is committed to bringing diversity in technology. We conduct hands-on workshops, organize hackathons, and seminars, and provide out members you get to learn and grow.

About the University

VIT-AP University has earned the reputation of being one of the best universities in India.

It is well-known for providing students with global curriculum and encouraging them to participate in extracurricular activities.It is one of the most prestigious institutions with a large student population, which is always accompanied by healthy academic competition among students.
This competition fosters an environment in which students strive to excel in all areas.

Vellore Institute of Technology is a research-driven, student-centered and community focused university run by and for the people.Innovation is the key to success and VIT-AP is the key to success because of its mission to make a valuable contribution, viability, commitment, and honesty among students.

About Our Club

WiOS (Women in Open Source) club is aimed to encourage the use of open-source frameworks while endorsing gender diversity in technology

We hold practical learning workshops, skill-building hackathons, and conferences where you can discover and build upon existing open-source tools and interact with friends who share similar interests, and our associations effectively with different chapters and organizations at the university will provide individuals with diverse experiences in a variety of domains.

WiOS impending plans are to facilitate enthusiasts by conducting intensive bootcamps that dwell into the most advanced and diverse topics in tech, like Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Object-Oriented Programming, also covering the required powerful tools for industry level expertise! Our bootcamps will teach on how to do data analytics, how machine learning works, and how to build own AI. Our community works towards creating a diverse technology ecosystem and also thrives to contribute towards the problems that are challenging the world.

Latest Event

Introduction to Open Source

Open source is the latest trend in software development but what is open source? Read on to find out!

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